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Current Range

Current Range


We have three standard sizes:   I – 40cm x 40cm, II – 105cm x 40cm and III – 145cm x 60cm.   The wall hangings can be made up to 150cm wide and any height or 150cm high by any width, one dimension being dependent on the width (150cm) of the largest loom in the studio.  Any combination of overall measurements can be made as a multi-panel piece, with a maximum width per panel of 150cm.  Please contact us by e-mail for more details of this service.

For her wall hangings, Lisbeth Mulcahy has chosen to work with the Kilim Technique, which allows for very clear and defined colour areas, working with the weave construction rather than covering it.  The inspiration is clearly the natural world but in a very abstract form.  The list of designs has the available sizes marked beside the name, e.g. Circle I, II, III, Sun I & II  or Layers III.

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